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When my mother passed away, I experienced an altered quality directly related to my physical being; an enhanced aliveness that nurtured memory and deepened the experience of mourning. The pedagogy of watching my mother die imported itself into my own corporeal experience of the living and the decomposing happening each moment while alive. In this moment the space between self and witness dissolved. Time had no end. 

and how is this?

Up Against does not really concern itself with the death of my mother and yet it continues to travel alongside, relational, and supportive to my artistic practice. That my mom mobilize my process inside relational states of movement and interactions with my surroundings, it is the realization that I am not alone that is vibrating the process right now. While trying to reconfigure connections in movement, I notice what is coming up in terms of meaning and which parts of me are suspended liminal states of presence.


Up Against is about the dance. The dance between me and my hand or myself and you for instance. I do not want to hide my humanity and shortcomings behind performance.

The work is in progress. My hope is that the work will invite a shared experience between myself and the audience and the space between us.

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