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My materials are in conversation with my thesis of transfer/transmission and improvisation. In September of last year, my mother passed away. Following my desires and improvising, I was drawn to placing myself near earth, near my mother, near my daughter and experienced an altered quality directly related to my physical being; an enhanced aliveness that was nurturing memory and experiencing mourning. The pedagogy of watching dying take place imported itself into my own corporeal experience of the living and the decomposing happening each moment in a slow transition of life. My hands seemed to hold a story; the memory of my mother and my own aging body. I am not sure if my hands chose or if I chose my hands to be the point of view, the body part for considering transmission. In trying to materialize and document my process I was drawn towards earth, specifically dirt. In the dirt I found myself considering “stain” - what has left a stain imprinted on or inside my physical body or psyche. The dirt or stain did not represent “dirty”, it became more of a reverence to life lived and the desire to expose an inner self more.

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