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Expanding perceptions of pedagogy / Engaging new consciousness

R&R offers teaching artists a space for restorative exchange and collaborative research.

This festival is designed to be the first of a developing series, offering a generative space and restorative exchange for teaching artists whose practices amplify the importance of pedagogical thought and discourse. We collectively ask the question: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE TEACHING NOW? This festival proposes to build a future together, mining for new and/or re-imagined teaching methods, research and narratives. We will play/converse about if/how the early-born improvisational practices which have largely evolved from 60s resistance in white spaces, have changed in relevance to current new consciousnesses. R&R will gather several generations of teaching artists including Lisa Nelson, Jennifer Nugent, Tori Lawrence and many more.

R&R is a hybrid style festival where teaching artists gather live for in person work groups and panel discussions and presentation classes. Several of the panel discussions and presentation classes will be open to the public through zoom.

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