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Jennifer Nugent- Ben McKeown-038.jpg


Created & Performed by:

Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson


another piece apart rests in silence, reflecting on a history of a fractured togetherness and a shared love for dance. The movement is off-balanced yet precise and multi-focused, blurring the boundaries between bodies in space.

Invited by Gibney curator Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Jennifer Nugent talks about the collaborative process of creating "Another Piece Apart" in Gibney's series Sorry I Missed Your Show.

Featured Work
Jennifer Nugent-Ben McKeown.jpg
“Nothing will distract you from these
  bodies; we are each exposed by their

- Eva Yaa Asantewaa (Infinite Body Blogspot)

“if a picture is worth a thousand
  words, then surely a dance is worth 
  exponentially as many, especially in
  the hands of seasoned dance

- Jen George (Brooklyn Rail)

Jennifer Nugent-Ben McKeown.png
Note the Self (1)
Note the Self
Visual Proof ADF 2017
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